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CIMCO CNC-Calc 8.0

Calculations for CNC-programs can be both hard and time-consuming. They often include complex calculations of for instance intersection- and tangency points. Traditionally these calculations have been performed using calculators and trigonometrical tables.
CIMCO CNC-Calc 8 is a fully featured 2D CAD solution that works inside CIMCO Edit 5. This add-on is a fast and effective solution for solving problems with complex 2D geometry.

CIMCO CNC-Calc 8 has been designed with usability in mind, which makes it easy and fast to draw contours. Its comprehensive functionality ranges from functions such as the plain “horizontal line” to the complex “circle tangent to three elements”. It includes advanced trimming options and a simple point and click approach to laying out toolpaths and drill cycles.
CIMCO CNC-Calc 8 imports AutoCAD DXF files and generates toolpaths, drill patterns for ISO and Heidenhain conversational programming. Other features include automatic generation of configurable lead in/out containing lines and arcs. CIMCO CNC-Calc 2 has been integrated with CIMCO Edit 5 so it is easy to edit and simulate the generated toolpaths. This helps to ensure that the program behaves correctly and to avoid unnecessary use of time and machine resources.

Single Click Trimming Trim between intersections with a single click. The element is automatically broken in two and trimmed to the two intersections closest to where you clicked.

Snap Flexibility A wide variety of snap options make it easy for you to select specific points in your drawing. Snap options such as “snap to intersections” and “snap to circles and arcs center points” can be activated separately, in combination or all at once.

Intelligent Bolt Hole Patterns Create rectangular (rows and columns) and circular (full circle or circle segment) bolt hole patterns in seconds This cuts down on repetitive tasks and saves you time.

Round Corner Intersections Create fillets on any corner intersections with any radius. Simply specify a radius for your fillet and click on the corner intersections.

Transformations CNC-Calc includes all the transformation features expected from a modern 2D CAD system. Offset, mirror, rotate, translate and scale part or all of the geometry.



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