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Southern Cross Station

By Precision Design Australasia.
Complex roof lining & integrated roof top vents designed in KEYCREATOR.

Precision Design Services Pty Ltd uses KeyCreator's advanced Solid & Surface Modelling and 3D Wireframe Extraction capabilities to great advantage in the design and manufacture of the complex roof lining and integrated roof top crest vents for Melbourne's new Southern Cross Station (Spencer Street Station) project.

Although KeyCreator includes exceptional drafting capability, Australian Architectural and Civil Engineering companies, like Precision Design Services, commonly use AutoCAD for creation of engineering drawings.

However, when it came to the design and development of more complex Freeform shapes required for manufacture, like the complex wave form roof lining, and offset crest vents, etc, Precision Design Services turned to KeyCreator for assistance.

KeyCreator's SB (Standard Basic) version includes all Solids, Surfacing, advanced 3D Wireframe modelling and 3D Wireframe extraction capabilities. Furthermore KeyCreator includes a host of Neutral data translators including: STEP, SAT, XMT, IGES, DXF, DWG and more.

So it was a simple matter for KeyCreator to both generate the complex shapes required and then transfer these across to AutoCAD for Drafting purposes.

KeyCreator is a powerful and flexible 3D CAD design and drafting tool that integrates easily with other CAD & CAM systems.

The addition of KeyCreator could easily help you to expand your design and manufacturing capabilities also” .


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