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Built on the popular Cadkey system, KeyCreator will enable you to teach the principles of 3D CAD quickly and easily. You will experience KeyCreators “Hybrid Modelling” power in combining 3D Wireframe, Surface and Solid functions to build and edit simple to complex 3D CAD models.

Of the hundreds of surveys conducted on CAD programs, KEYCREATOR has never failed to be No. 1 in Ease of learning and Ease of use. KEYCREATOR offers the power of Solids, Surfaces & 3D Wireframe Modeling at a very economical price.

Design engineers worldwide use KEYCREATOR for diverse applications in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, medical products, instrumentation, machine design, electronic packaging, reverse engineering and more. The reason is simple: flexibility with a blend of CAD tools is required to complete most design tasks.

Solid modeling is ideal for creating geometric components and assemblies where part interferences must be determined. Wireframe modeling is the ultimate tool for layout, conceptual sketching, or building a framework for surfaces. The aesthetic curves of a consumer product are virtually impossible to define without the help of a surface modeler. Whatever the design task, KEYCREATOR gives you a choice of intuitive tools at your fingertips to get the job done, without constraints.

Example of student work, Immanuel College, SA

Example of student work, Immanuel College, SA

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