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Expert Mold Designer

XMD (Expert Mold Designer) is an Automated Knowledge-Based Mold Design Solution that is fully integrated into Kubotek® KeyCreator™ software. XMD is not just a fancy library of components. XMD is an automated, robust solution that draws, manages, understands and even checks your work. This automation allows you to reduce lead times; reduce duplication of tasks; reduce hours; and possibly most important, XMD helps reduce your risk of errors. XMD automates the tedious work of modeling and managing a design, and frees the designer by allowing the time needed to engineer a better product.

PARTsolutions LLC

PARTsolutions LLC is the expert in delivering software solutions for standard parts management, part consolidation and classification, and specialized product configurators and digital product catalogs.
The PARTsolutions library product includes thousands of accurate 2D and 3D representations of machine and tooling component parts from hundreds of parts suppliers. Integration with the PARTsolutions program is built directly into KeyCreator.


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