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Real geometry supplies the foundation for our technology. KeyCreator has developed with a broad set of tools to extract intelligence from what many consider dumb or non-native models. We have created smart tools to manipulate geometry in real-time rather than placing all the model construction history into the file.

CAD teams across the supply chain want to identify the data needed and quickly extract only that information. KeyCreator makes sure model data is available no matter whose perspective is needed. Nobody has time to start things from scratch. Our best customers grapple with the constant need to create new designs, respond to change, or serve many different customers. Just ask any of the mold makers, tooling designers, industrial component manufacturers, machinists or consumer product designers how our simple design principals help them tackle the design calisthenics other systems can't even begin to take on. If time is money, then real geometry delivers money.

2D To 3D with Ease

Model Entities
KeyCreator is designed with usability in mind. Enabling customers to move quickly means delivering tools that allow people to be productive. Supporting a designer, engineer or manufacturing professional in the way they choose to work is why Kubotek KeyCreator technology is so powerful.

Kubotek consider this the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Our tools allow people to create value and get jobs done. Yet, it's not just about design ideas. Our technology has its greatest impact on the manufacturing process. When markets demand rapid response, Kubotek offers the supply chain a silver bullet. The ease of handling change and adapting to new conditions is our foundation. Our best customers pride themselves in being the best at what they do. The comprehensive set of tools developed by Kubotek ensures that companies can leverage their expertise instead of spending resources on learning how to use software.

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Increasing Value of Data
As CAD data ages and design teams move on, companies are faced with technical challenges when trying to access and use the information. The older the file, the more resources must allocated to modernizing the data. Proprietary formats become less valuable over time because models retain history with workarounds and constraints. Often these models must be rebuilt from scratch as changes become difficult or impossible to make. Kubotek leads the industry with technology that sees the real geometry inside.

We tackle the typical challenges facing companies with aging CAD assets can be frustrating and costly.
  • Inability to open or effectively use a native CAD file.
  • Only visual representation of the model is available. Tools designed to assist cannot get enough data to perform repairs or allow edits.
  • Originating CAD system is no longer supported.
KeyCreator was designed to enable CAD data to become more valuable as it matures. Our history-free approach gives customers the ability to discover additional intelligence within the geometry over time. What makes this technology different is its on-demand nature of finding features and extracting the data needed regardless of CAD system, file format or design intent. Even models that have been stripped down to the raw basics can automatically be freed of errors with our industry leading tools.
CAD data that appreciates in value. Have you ever considered that possibility? At Kubotek, our technology team understands the need and has solved the problem.

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