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A key advantage of designing with Kubotek 3D technology is the ability to generate virtual prototypes early in the design process. Identifying potential design problems up-front saves time and improves quality downstream. Frequently, experienced designers can quickly see problems by looking over the 3D model. Yet, visual examination can't locate the more subtle problems. Having advanced technology to verify exactly what is going on across the entire model takes confidence in the design to a new level.

Interference Checking

Kubotek technology can test a set of selected solids to see if any interference conditions exist between parts (overlapping or containment). If interferences are found, the function provides a visual walk-through of each problem location in the design, highlighting the interference areas.

Draft Angle

To produce quality finished parts, molded and cast part models need appropriate draft angles on all faces. These conditions are rarely perfect on a designer's product model because what is appropriate depends on the orientation of the part during manufacturing and other variables determined during manufacturing planning. Kubotek's draft angle technology visually shows potential problem areas on a model which will need to be adjusted in the design.

Verify models using zebra analysis
Kubotek Validation Tool™

Kubotek Validation Tool™ assures manufacturers that two CAD models that visually appear the same truly are geometrically identical. Kubotek Validation Tool™ performs a critical test for manufacturers that rely on the 3D model as the product specification and distribute models to suppliers. Adding this step to the process of sharing 3D CAD data can prevent costly errors resulting from unintentional edits or translation errors when it is passed between engineering groups. The report generation capabilities of the software include simple pass-fail indicators, a tamper-proof validation certificate, and a detailed listing of any differences found.

Kubotek Validation Tool™ is available as an add-on to KeyCreator and as a read-only standalone package based on Kubotek Spectrum™.

Trust Designs
  • Prevents propagation of errors which could lead to rework, scrap parts, and production delays
  • Provides confidence that 3D CAD data does not have hidden problems
  • Confirms that changes made in the 3D CAD data by a supplier were only the requested ones
Improve time-to-market
  • Delays in process are commonly the largest factor in making business profitable.
  • Speed up design and manufacturing by validating the changes before sending the 3D CAD data downstream.
  • Use PLM workflow to insulate the model from changes based on analysis and manufacturability
Save time over tedious manual review

Visit www.validatecad.com or contact STS for more Information on Kubotek Validation Tool™.

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