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Wireframe Modeling

KeyCreator's Open 3D Modeling technology has a strong foundation in 3D wireframe basic geometry such as lines, arcs, splines, points and polygons. These wireframe entities are the traditional CAD elements of 2D drawing and commonly used in Open 3D Modeling to aid in transitioning users and drawings from 2D into 3D. Because wireframe entities are simple, they translate between CAD systems very well. Providing strong support of these basic entity types is important for efficiently reusing model data that comes from IGES, DXF and DWG, prototyping, machining and inspection equipment.


The basic drawing tools from Kubotek have evolved in the professional PC-based CAD market for more than twenty years. The interface is different than other CAD products. Its logic is highly praised by loyal users. Drawing functions are structured as separate tools, each with a distinct purpose, instead of a limited number of commands with modifiable behaviors or a sketching mode that suggests what the user wants to do next.

3D Wireframe Modeling

Building 3D models by defining just the edges of the model (wireframe) has the advantage of producing lightweight part files with simple entities that can be reliably translated between CAD systems. These models also provide a framework for surface and solid modeling. Today 3D wireframe is primarily used as construction entities to aid in quick positioning of model geometry, curves and sketches/profiles. When sketching a product concept or working with very large models, wireframe can still be a practical choice. Kubotek has unique technology that can convert well-defined wireframe models into solids.

2D and 3D creation and modification of wireframe geometry

Polygon Mesh (Triangle Model)

Polygon mesh models provide the same 3D visualization as solids and surfaces, simple to translate, and require a low amount of memory. These models are not as precise as solid or surface models and they are not editable. However, polygon mesh models are popular in applications such as animation and rapid prototyping. Kubotek CAD technology not only provides the ability to output mesh models but delivers the capability to read them for easy re-orientation and scaling. Smaller prismatic polygon models can even be converted back to editable solids.


Using simple point entities to mark 3D positions in space or on surfaces is an important problem solving and model construction aid. Kubotek's Open 3D Modeling environment provides an advanced set of 3D capabilities to create and manage points.


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