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In NCG CAM using swarf machining allows the side of the cutter to be used, keeping it orthogonal with the surface, a lead/lag angle can still be applied if needed. With swarf machining it is also possible to offset the passes along the tool-axis


imageMorph surface machining machines the drive surface, with options for zig-zag, one-way and spiral -additional options for climb or conventional milling are also available.
Though the shape of the part is a major factor, the spiral option can result with the toolpath staying on the part all the time, whereas another style of toolpath would have to retract from the surfaces more often. When morphing between two surfaces/curves the step-over distance changes depending on the shape of the part.

Parallel cut surface machining machines a drive surface in parallel cuts, at an angle to a specific axis, X,Y and Z.
Machining options allow for the cutter to be kept normal to the surface and zigzag, one-way and spiral options for the cutting direction.

imageNCG CAM has the ability to automatically convert some types of 3-axis toolpaths to a 5-axis toolpath, which can save valuable machining time, tooling costs and tool life.

In most cases the 3 to 5-axis conversion of existing NCG CAM toolpath is for minimal side tilt only to avoid holder collisions, but other options include:

4 or 5-axis control
Tilt away or through a point
Tilt away or through a curve
Lead / lag angles and side tilt
Fixed tilt angleThe

The machine simulation allows the user to simulate the machine movement. This is generally very important for 5-axis toolpaths, where it is often difficult to visualise the machines real position when animating the toolpath. By running the toolpath through the machine simulation, you can be sure there will be no collision between the machine head and the bed/table of the machine.

Like the toolpath animator the user can control the simulation speed, zoom in/out. Should there be a collision, it will be highlighted graphically and a dialogue is displayed to inform the user.


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