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STS offer the choice of In-house and/or On-site training of CAD/CAM software, as well as running regular courses at the following local technical education institutes...

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CAD/CAM Education for Colleges and High Schools

With the ever-increased growth in the use of hi-tech softwares today it has become necessary for Educational Institutions to keep pace with industry and produce ‘technology wise' graduates.

Technology Studies is the ideal domain for the introduction of advanced new technologies to students. CAD (Computer-Aided Design/Drafting) and CAM (Computer-Aided Machining) are subjects that really get students excited about becoming involved in technology studies.

With a broad range of CAD/CAM products now available, selecting the right system for your College is a difficult task. This seminar is designed to give you “hands on experience” in using a leading CAD/CAM solution that is also ideal for educational use. – KeyCreator.

The key points to investigate when deciding on a CAD system for your school are:

  • Fast & Easy to learn
    Typically students will only be using their CAD software during classes for short periods per week. The selected CAD software must be operational and delivering tangible results quickly.
  • Continued Student Growth:
    Students quickly surpass the limitations of low-end 2D/3D CAD software, stifling their progress in design studies. With the power and flexibly of Hybrid Modelling technology, KeyCreator offers the potential for continued student growth well into the future.
  • Future Career Opportunities / Tertiary Head-Start
    On leaving school, students will either join the workforce or enrol in University studies. So preliminary training in an industry leading CAD/CAM system is of great benefit to their future.

KeyCreator delivers on all these points and more.


Built on the popular Cadkey system, KeyCreator will enable you to teach the principles of 3D CAD quickly and easily. You will experience KeyCreators “Hybrid Modelling” power in combining 3D Wireframe, Surface and Solid functions to build and edit simple to complex 3D CAD models.

Of the hundreds of surveys conducted on CAD programs, KEYCREATOR has never failed to be No. 1 in Ease of learning and Ease of use. KEYCREATOR offers the power of Solids, Surfaces & 3D Wireframe Modeling at a very economical price.

Design engineers worldwide use KEYCREATOR for diverse applications in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, medical products, instrumentation, machine design, electronic packaging, reverse engineering and more. The reason is simple: flexibility with a blend of CAD tools is required to complete most design tasks.

Solid modeling is ideal for creating geometric components and assemblies where part interferences must be determined. Wireframe modeling is the ultimate tool for layout, conceptual sketching, or building a framework for surfaces. The aesthetic curves of a consumer product are virtually impossible to define without the help of a surface modeler. Whatever the design task, KEYCREATOR gives you a choice of intuitive tools at your fingertips to get the job done, without constraints.

Karingal Park Secondary College, Upper Yarra Secondary College, Immanuel College, St Paul's Anglican Grammar School, Melbourne Grammar, Chisholm Institute, Holmesglen Institute, RMIT Aerospace, Monash Uni Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Swinburne University, CSIRO are amount the users of KeyCreator and Cadkey.

RMIT University use KeyCreator in the School of Aerospace , Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Department .
Students use KeyCreator for 2D and 3D CAD modelling and drafting in a range of fields. RMIT's Aerospace Technologies Department perfected the design of the Australian Olympic Racing Bike in Monocoque Carbon Fibre construction. Designed using Cadkey's Surfaces and Solids, this bike still holds Four World Speed Records.

The Monash University Department of Mechanical Engineering , used CADKEY to design and build the Monash Wind Tunnel. This large wind tunnel is used to conduct high and low velocity wind testing on a number of products including new vehicles, boats, yachts, sporting products, buildings, major construction sites and other designs. Also, Australia 's alpine speed skiers AJ Bear, Craig Branch and Luke Deane use the wind tunnel to hone their tuck positions.

• Example of Past Students Work

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