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NCG CAM simultaneous 5-axis module is an add-on to the base module of NCG CAM. It does not run as a stand alone product.
Simultaneous 5-axis allows the use of shorter, more rigid cutters for higher feed-rates and optimised machining time. All toolpaths have automatic collision prevention for both cutter and tool-holder.
The 5-axis is aimed at finishing operations, supporting cutter types -ball-nose, flat bottomed, bull-nosed, taper cutters.
Due to the complexity of many 5-axis toolpaths, the passes and linking are performed as a single operation. The 5-axis program needs to see the surfaces and any curves as NURB's.


imageTool axis control allows the user to have some control of how the tool tilts:
•Tilt through or away from a point
•Tilt through or away from a curve
•Full gouge avoidance of cutter and holder
•Minimiseside tilt to avoid collision
•Lead/lag and tilt angles available
•Minimal tilt to avoid holder collisions
•3, 4, or 5-axis options. When selecting 4-axis, the user has to say which axis the 4th axis rotates about.The options available may change depending or the type of 5-axis toolpath selected. When linking the user can control the entry / exit and the transition moves.

Surfaces are separated into drive surfaces and check surfaces. The drive surface is the surface that is machined, the check surfaces are used to limit or contain the machining area. It is possible to use check curves over check surfaces. It is not uncommon to have 2 sets of check surface/curves.

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