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KeyCreator NC 2.5-Axis and 3-Axis Machining

The NC modules for KeyCreator provides separate 2.5-Axis and 3-Axis toolpath utility options that are fully-integrated into the system interface to support ultra-fast toolpath generation. These utilities enable output of Numerical Control (NC) programs and process sheets for drilling, pocketing, profile milling, and surfacing operations. You have the ability to generate toolpaths on wireframe geometry, surface and solid models. KeyCreator NC modules toolpaths are saved in the same file as the part geometry, providing data management for both geometry and toolpaths. These easy-to-learn modules has everything you need to quickly create and/or import CAD models from other applications and then easily output NC programs and process sheets.

  • Comprehensive Drilling ( 2.5-Axis )

Kubotek NC technology delivers a complete drilling solution with a full spectrum of canned cycles that include but not limited to; spot drilling, peck drilling, boring and tapping. User-defined sets of cycles and custom parameters are also available.

The drilling interface allows quick programming, even if the part is not fully modeled, by providing complete control over drilling locations from filtered selections of circles/edges, points, positions or standard grid patterns such as bolt circle, or linear patterns. Adjustment of the hole sequence can be based on closest distance to next or a specified band width number on the x or y axis to maximize efficiency.

  • Profile Milling( 2.5-Axis )

Excellent support of 2D profile milling and cutting toolpath generation is provided by Kubotek technology.  Paths may be created from closed profiles or open profiles with uni-directional or bi-directional passes at user-defined stepdown.

In order for programmers to see if they are getting what they need, the creation process and resulting path geometry provide a visual preview of the tool entry and exit locations. Programmers can also see direction and path position as offset to the inside, outside, or directly centered. Once ready for the finish pass, configurable lead-in and lead-out conditions with radial blend, tangent and perpendicular options diminish dwell marks. Toolpath regeneration capabilities save time and help prevent mistakes when geometry, tools or parameters must be changed.

Toolpath Regeneration
  • Spiral Pocketing ( 2.5-Axis )

NC pocketing toolpath generation technology reduces toolpath clutter by handling all combinations of islands, bosses, nested pockets and pockets at different depths in one time-saving step. Options include climb milling, spiral out or in (collapse), helical, ramping angle, or pre-drilled hole entry, multiple entries, fixed step-down or number of passes, stock allowances, and re-roughing of rest material with smaller tool. Programmers can optimize cutting time, tool life, and part finish with this full set of pocketing options. Toolpath regeneration capabilities save time and help prevent mistakes when geometry, tools or parameters are changed.


Picture 1 - Contour Roughing

Picture 2 - Planar Finishing

Picture 3 - Radial Finishing

Demo Video: NC Verification

  • Multi-Surface Milling ( 3-Axis )

Kubotek proprietary multi-surface toolpath generation algorithms have been heralded as among the fastest available anywhere. This speed advantage is backed up with all the major machining strategies you'll need including contour, zigzag, unidirectional, and follow surface roughing, planar, radial, and plateau finishing, point milling (plunge), machining flat regions, and pencil trace machining. Advanced capabilities include tool containment using 2D and 3D curves, helix, ramping, and plunge entry styles, check surface control, 4-axis indexing, and re-machining steep and shallow walls. Taking advantage of toolpath regeneration capabilities saves time and helps prevent mistakes when geometry, tools or parameters are changed.

  • Toolpath Verification

KeyCreator NC technology includes a simple wireframe-style tool motion simulation along the toolpath which displays in the viewport with all geometry. Kubotek has partnered with Northwood Designs to provide advanced solids-type NC verification capabilities.

Users can be confident that their NC code will run exactly as they intend with independent verification capabilities from Northwood. In addition to 3D shaded animation of machining, Northwood technology provides crash detection, estimated cutting time, and chip volume graph. The unique interface supplies graphical compare of G-code files and paired highlight of a single line of NC code. Resulting faces cut by that line are also indicated to aid in problem solving and decrease the need to restart a part in mid-program.


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