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Kubotek Spectrum Viewer

Kubotek Spectrum Viewer is professional-grade viewer software for reviewing 3D models and drawings. This downloadable software offers a simple Windows interface that can be easily used by manufacturing, sales, support, and service departments without having to learn or install a full-featured CAD system. Kubotek Spectrum fully supports view manipulation, printing, 3D shading, measurement (distance, area and volume), and publishing HOOPS-enabled HTML files but will not overwrite the original engineering file.

Key Features:
  • Measure any size, distance, area or volume (solids)
  • Modify display using standard pan, zoom, rotate, and render functions
  • Rotate display to stored view orientations
  • Verify entity attributes and positions
  • Hide levels(layers) and parts
  • Split the document window into 2-4 separate viewports
  • Open multiple files at the same time
  • Print or plot to all Windows supported devices
  • Create custom print setup configurations with full control of pen, color, width, and dash size handling
  • Create custom configuration of toolbars and shortcut keys
  • Export to Adobe PDF, TIFF, HPGL/2, HOOPS Metafile, HTML, and others

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