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Pure Geometry™ Architecture

The rich suite of KeyCreator translators enables you to satisfy differing import and export requirements, effortlessly. KeyCreator is interoperable with the most widely used
3D-modeling, 2D-drawing, and CAE systems. Additionally, KeyCreator provides options for exporting graphical images to presentations, web pages, and other documentation.

The “Pure Geometry Editor” allows you to combine Solid, Surface, and Wireframe modeling techniques with traditional drawing methods, even on imported CAD data. This gives you full control over geometric shape creation and editing, without any complicated constraints or history dependencies.

KeyCreator's unique Pure Geometry approach shortens your learning curve and delivers you the variational power needed to handle Design for Manufacturing requirements at any level. When CAD files are transferred between different CAD systems, all data is converted into “explicit” geometry. This means that any previous history and parametric relationships in the design are lost.

While Parametric CAD systems rely on accessing the model's history and parameters to perform any model changes, KeyCreator's Pure Geometry™ Editing tools give users unlimited variational capability without ever being constrained by history or parametric constraints. Indeed. KeyCreator handles imported 3-D models and 2-D drawings just as though they were created natively inside KeyCreator itself.

Repair non-native geometry

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